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Background of the Organisation:

The Prakruti Nature Club was started in 1997, and was initiated for the conservation and protection of wildlife and marine life. At present, the organisation has over 180 members and volunteers. The members of the organisation come from a diverse range of backgrounds and include members of the local fishing community, coastal area farmers and members of forest villages.

Where we Work:

Prakruti Nature Club focuses its activities along the Saurashtra and Gujarat coast. We work towards protection of sea turtles, their nests and habitats, whale sharks and other sea creatures, in collaboration with the Gujarat Forest Department. Apart from coast and marine related issues, our organisation also works towards conservation of wildlife and migratory birds with the active involvement of local communities.


In the year 2009 – 2010, we have been successful in the following activities:

  1. Rescue of 195 whale sharks
  2. Rescue of 10 leopards
  3. Migratory bird census (during winter)
  4. Release of 23,992 turtle hatchlings
  5. Rescue of 45 venomous and 11 non- venomous snakes
  6. Rescue and rehabilitation of other animals including crocodiles, spotted deer, migratory birds and peacocks

Support for the Organisation:

Volunteers at the organisation contribute in terms of time and effort and funding for activities is largely supported through individual contributions by members of the organisation. We are grateful to have Ambuja Cements and Sapoorji Pallonji Pvt. Ltd. Co., Kodinar, support and endorse our efforts through funds provided for specific activities.


Plans for the Future:

In addition to our existing activities, we are in the process of starting an awareness programme towards minimum usage of plastic along coastal areas, among local community members and school children. Our efforts will also be aimed at reducing consumption of turtle eggs, a practice that is prevalent amongst some of the communities that live on the coast.

Role Within the Network:

As a partner organisation within the network, we hope to contribute through the collection of data for turtles visiting the west coast in Saurashtra and the rest of Gujarat. Particularly, our strong association with the local forest department will be beneficial to the network as a whole in terms of collection and distribution of information and data, furthering the growth of the network. Our contribution also extends to providing information on the activities that we carry out that may be beneficial to other members and in turn hope to learn important lessons from other parts of the country. We would like to spread our wings, and solicit the support and the attention of the international community as well.

Contributed by Dinesh Goswami and Jignesh Gohil, Prakruti Nature Club.

Contact information: Dineshgiri D. Goswami / Jignesh Gohil, Prakruti Nature Club.
Postal address:Marutinagar Society, Opp. Kanya Chhatralay Veraval Road, Kodinar-362725, Gujarat.
Phone: +91 2795 222228; 9898515362(Dinesh); 9978311011(Jignesh)
Email: dinesh_goswami2008@yahoo.com; jignesh_gohil@rediffmail.com
Website: www.prakrutinatureclub.org