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Background of the Organisation:

Canara Green Academy was established and registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 on 17th October 2005. It has its head office in Sirsi. The organisation was established with a motto of conserving ora and fauna of North Kanara District. Our activities are carried out exclusively within the North Kanara District.


Conservation of sea turtles, mangroves and medicinal plants is the main mission of Canara Green Academy. In last four years, the activities that have been carried out by the Academy include:

Conservation of sea turtles:

In 1984, the Karnataka Forest Department had established about 40 sea turtle breeding centres all over the Karnataka coastline. However, in North Kanara, the only surviving breeding centre that was thus established is at Jali. In 2006, the Academy collected secondary information on sea turtles visiting the coast, and potential sea turtle nesting beaches were identified and temporary breeding centers were established at Kadle (see photo, right), Manki, Haldipur (see photo, below), Dhareshwar, Kagal and Gangavali. Ex-situ and in-situ conservation is carried out, depending on the security of the nests identified. This is done with the help of local villagers.

For the creation of awareness among the locals, door to door campaigns and meetings at the micro level (i.e., of the village) are conducted. State level workshops are also conducted by the Academy. As an incentive to promote conservation and the participation of local people in our activities, an honorarium is awarded to any person who identifies and informs our volunteers of nests along the beach.

Development of methodology for sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants and NTFPs:

The Western Ghats are a treasure trove of medicinal plants and non-timber forest products (NTFPs). There is active trade of medicinal plants and NTFPs, and the methods of extraction of such products are often destructive. For the conservation and development of medicinal and NTFPs local people need to be motivated and methods for sustainable harvesting have to be introduced.

For the development of methodology in sustainable harvesting, Canara Green Academy has worked as a partner NGO with the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT). This project is implemented in Shirgunji village of Honavar Division.

Bird Census:

The Academy regularly carries out bird census in mangrove areas and along the coast. Students from local colleges in the area assist with the census. Workshops conducted at local colleges, like the recent workshop at Kumta, provide students with knowledge about identification of birds and census techniques.


Support for the Organisation:

The Canara Green Academy raises funds to January 2011 support its programmes from various donor organisations and voluntary contributions from private organisations and citizens. It also sustains its activities by working as a partner with other organisations (such as the FRLHT) or as an evaluating agency in the implementation of certain government schemes such as the National Afforestation Programme.

Plans for the Future:

CGA aims to expand its activities to include:

1. Extending our conservation activities to include freshwater turtles.

2. Introduction of sustainable harvesting methods to Village Forest Committees of Honavar Forest Division in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department.

3. Conservation of mangroves and sea turtles in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department.

4. Continue bird census in North Karnataka.

Role within the network:

CGA recognises that in order to bring individuals, NGOs and institutions with similar interests together on same platform, a network is necessary.

TAG provides us an opportunity to interact with other organisations from around the country and will help develop our own skills and learn from their experiences in the eld, and in return we have the opportunity to share our experiences with others.

Contributed by Ravi Pandit, Canara Green Academy.

Contact information: Ravi Pandit, Canara Green Academy.
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