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Background of the Organisation:

Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) was established on 20th April 1999 and registered under the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is a non- pro t organisation dedicated to animal welfare and nature conservation programmes in coastal Orissa. It is accredited by the Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India.

APOWA believes in finding solutions to animal welfare and conservation challenges that provide lasting benefits for animals and community. The organisation was founded with a mission of:

“building a community of people to support…[the] welfare of animals and [the] environment and [to] improve relationships between man, animal and environment.”

We focus on species that are endangered today.

Their ecosystems or habitat as a whole are a crucial component of our conservation strategy.

APOWA has had 10 years of experience in sea turtle conservation in Orissa. We protect sea turtles through research, education and action. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to be Orissa’s sea turtle champion. They are flagship species; protecting important flagship species and preserving their habitat helps to protect a number of other species that depend on the same habitat.


  • To conserve nature, especially endangered species and threatened habitats, in partnership with communities.
  •  To work with partners with emphasis on protection and management of biologically significant places so that wildlife populations can recover.
  • To encourage communities to practice environmental stewardship and wise use of natural resources, through conservation education and technical assistance, for the beneficial coexistence of humans and wildlife.
  • To carry out legislative and educational campaigns. This is an effort to try to prevent cruelty to animals, preserve endangered species, and protect wildlife habitats.
  • To provide emergency assistance to protect endangered wildlife species, with particular priority to marine turtles and dolphins.
  • To support and conduct research programmes, eld action projects, and other activities that encourage proactive action for conservation of wildlife and wild habitats.
  • To produce and disseminate public awareness and educational material and communication strategies that will promote the main objectives of the organisation.
  • To promote environment and conservation education programmes in schools and villages.
  • To help alleviate animal suffering and raise public consciousness towards giving animals the respect they need and deserve.
  • To improve the knowledge and skills of community volunteers and animal owners for the long-term welfare of animals.
  • To provide rescue, relief and rehabilitation programmes for animals and people during natural disasters.
  • To initiate disaster management programmes.
  • To conserve and protect the coastal resources, especially mangrove resources, of the region.

Where we Work:

The operational area situated south of the Gahirmatha sea turtle rookery in Orissa known for the world’s largest olive ridley turtle mass nesting and breeding ground. Although mass nesting takes place at Gahirmatha, the buffer zone contributes greatly through sporadic nesting of olive ridley turtles. Our project fieldwork is carried out in the buffer zone of Gahirmatha viz., Pentha, Sandhakud, Paradeep urban beach, Siali and Petaphata.


Support for the Organisation:

APOWA seeks support from organisations and individuals who wish to join hands with us and our community-based sea turtle/habitat conservation programmes. We provide desperately needed conservation programmes, nest and habitat protection as well as vital fishermen education at the world’s largest olive ridley mass nesting site in the region. This project is a great way of involving communities in the process of finding a sustainable way forward. Sea turtles are highly migratory during all stages if their lifecycle, so conservation action taken in any one place can have profound and positive implications for their survival throughout Orissa – and beyond.

Role Within the Network:

APOWA has been continuing to save, protect and help conserve the endangered sea turtles and their habitat along the Orissa coast, which falls under one of the major objectives of TAG. TAG encourages sea turtle activities throughout the country, and as a member of the TAG, APOWA seeks cooperation, guidance, and technical help to continue its sea turtle conservation programmes in its geographical area of work in Orissa.

Contributed by Bijaya Kabi, Honorary Director, APOWA.

Contact information: Bijaya Kumar Kabi, Honorary Director, APOWA.
Postal address: Action for Protection of Wild Animals Hatapatana, P.O. Kadaliban, Kendrapara District, Orissa – 754222
Phone: +91 6729 221908; +91 9437439946
Email: bijayakabi@apowa.org
Website: www.apowa.org