Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh


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MAPTOOL []’s Maptool allows you to create maps as pdf, jpeg or tiff files, suitable for papers, reports, posters and presentations. Full instructions for its use can be found once you start mapping, however you must be a registered user and logged in to use Maptool. The simplest basemaps can indicate your general research area or study sites, and are created by entering the map boundaries (as latitude and longitude). Detailed maps, showing multiple points and/or tracklines, are drawn from an existing dataset which you upload or created from a new data file in Maptool. Maptool can also be used to edit or delete data within a file. Points can be drawn with a variety of shapes and connected by a track line. We encourage contributors to use Maptool when preparing manuscripts for reports, newsletters (such as IOTN), and journals, and support when possible.


The Terra Viva Grants Directory is a free internet- based information index where grant seekers can fund international funding opportunities in the fields of agriculture, energy, environment and natural resources in developing countries. Grants support projects in research, education and training, and prizes and awards in social enterprise. The site offers profiles of over 400 grant makers, ranging from funders of community projects to funders of science and research. Users can search for grants by different subject areas or offering different forms of grant support. A six-month rolling calendar presents future opportunities, and subscribers can receive monthly email updates of pending deadlines. The website content can be viewed in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic. The Terra Viva Directory has tried to make its information easily accessible to users in developing countries, who often have poor internet connectivity or limited bandwidth.