Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh

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AuthorAID (

AuthorAID is a worldwide online network that provides support, mentoring, resources, and training opportunities to researchers in developing countries, improving the chance of publishing their research. It also serves as a wider global forum to discuss and disseminate research. AuthorAID is based at the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), and is supported by the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA), the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (NORAD), and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). In July 2012, more than 5000 researchers and others, from over 150 countries, were registered with AuthorAID, with 700 registered as mentors.

Early-career researchers who subscribe to AuthorAID can take advantage of a wide range of resources, including:

• A community space where researchers can ask questions or initiate discussions and receive advice and insights from members across the world.

• Documents and presentations that help develop skills for writing and publication.

• World-wide training workshops on scientific writing.

• Personal mentoring by highly published researchers and professional editors, assisting with writing, research, and finding relevant funding.

• Opportunities to network with other researchers in the same subject area.

•News,includingupcomingtrainingevents,tipsfor grant proposal writings, online courses in research writing, and useful links and information in the field ofscienceandresearch.

• Grants for researchers to hold workshops and inform the public about their work.

We encourage established researchers, and editors, with substantial experience in publishing, to sign up as a mentor and work with early-career researchers.