1Co-editor, Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter

2Asian University for Women, Chittagong, Bangladesh


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Issue 19 (January 2014) of IOTN explores some of the threats to sea turtles and their habitats, including ocean acidification, loss of seagrass beds, alteration of nesting beaches, offshore fisheries, and ghost nets. We highlight conservation efforts and community outreach programs in the Seychelles, Madagascar, India and Kenya, and review the status of loggerhead turtles in the Indian Ocean and south-east Asia and Red List assessment of global leatherback populations and Indian Ocean subpopulations. Readers are encouraged to respond if they can identify the unknown carapace tag in the image on page 30, and participate in the survey of hatchery management practices in our region. Lalith and I look forward to meeting IOTN readers attending the 34th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation in April, and will report back on events and discussions for those readers who are unable to travel to New Orleans.