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Issue 25 of IOTN includes papers from less frequently reported on areas of the Indian Ocean, including Madagascar, Reunion Island, and the Nicobar Islands. Topics include a sea turtle fishery, successful conservation initiatives, monitoring activities, and migratory behavior of olive ridley turtles. Readers are encouraged to also consider the research summary about a recent paper by Rees et al. (2016), which identifies progress made towards addressing research priorities for sea turtle management and conservation, and identifies global and regional knowledge gaps and under-studied populations. Situating your research and/or conservation activities within the priority research categories and questions first described by Hamann et al. (2010) and then reviewed by Rees et al. (2016) may both strengthen grant applications and enhance initiatives to conserve sea turtles and their habitats in the Indian Ocean and South East Asia.

Finally, IOTN wishes safe travels to those travelling to the 37th International Sea Turtle Symposium in Las Vegas, 16-20th April and reminds everyone about the Indian Ocean and South East Asia regional meeting which will be held prior to the symposium. A report on the symposium will be included in a future issue of IOTN.


The Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter was initiated to provide a forum for the exchange of information on sea turtle biology and conservation, management and education and awareness activities in the Indian subcontinent, Indian Ocean region, and south/southeast Asia. If you would like to submit a research article, project profile, note or announcement for Issue 26 of IOTN, please email material to iotn.editors@gmail.com before 1st April 2017. Guidelines for submission can be found on the last page of this newsletter or at https://www.iotn.org/submission.php.