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As the COVID pandemic still impacts countries around the Indian Ocean and in Southeast Asia, the IOTN team hopes that everyone is well and able to safely conduct their sea turtle research and conservation activities. In this issue, we bring to you reports about the diving behaviour of olive ridley turtles at Masirah Island in Oman and changes in land use/land cover around Velas in India. These are complemented with a ‘review of reviews’ about three global papers of importance and a report from the First National Conference on Marine Turtles recently held in the Lakshadweeps, India.

Those looking for additional reading about sea turtles in the region can look to the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group 2020 Regional Reports on turtles from the East Africa and West Indian Ocean Region, and the Middle East and South Asia Region available at https://www.iucnmtsg.org/regional-reports. New sea turtle information will also soon be available at the Sea Turtles of India website (https://www.seaturtlesofindia.org/), which is going live with its social media page on Instagram at the end of January. The page will soon be populated with new content, including interviews with key figures of turtle conservation, blogs posts from various researchers, as well as fun facts and news from the turtle world.