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As lockdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic ease in countries around the Indian Ocean and throughout Southeast Asia, the IOTN team hopes that everyone has a safe and healthy nesting season during the summer of 2021/22. The upcoming 40th International Sea Turtle Symposium provides an opportunity for turtle researchers and conservationists from the region to catchup in the Regional Meeting and symposium sessions, and I look forward to seeing some of you at the online events.

Articles in Issue 35 of IOTN primarily address anthropogenic threats to in-water sea turtles, including spear gun impalement, ghost net entanglement, vessel strike, bycatch, and other interactions leading to stranding. The number of such reports have increased in recent issues, indicating the potential need for national or regional stranding databases to compile data from strandings and raise awareness about such threats for management action as required. IOTN welcomes submissions that describe management or mitigation actions to address causes of strandings in addition to the stranding reports.