IOTN articles are peer reviewed by a member of the editorial board and an external reviewer. In addition to invited and submitted articles, IOTN also publishes notes, letters, announcements, casual notes and anecdotal accounts. We also welcome photographs (broadly based on the theme of sea turtles/sea turtle habitats – see specifications below).

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to:

If electronic submission is not possible, hard copies may be mailed to:

Kartik Shanker
Centre for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Sciences
Bangalore 560012
Karnataka, India


Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word or saved as text or rich text format. Figures should not be embedded in the text; they may be stored in EXCEL, JPG, TIFF or BMP formats. High resolution figures may be requested after acceptance of the article.

Please refer to the style guide* requirements listed below:

  • Language and spelling: Please follow British spelling and grammar conventions
  • Author names: Please provide full names of authors, e.g. Stanely T. Asah
  • Author affiliations: Please provide Department/Centre/Laboratory. Institution/University/Organisation, City, State or Province, Country, E-mail address of corresponding author. The symbol “#” in superscript may be used to denote corresponding author.
  • Tables and figures: Figures should not be embedded in the text file, they may be sent separately as JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PNG files. All figures and tables should carry a caption. Figures and illustrations must be accompanied by the appropriate credit/source.
  • Endnotes: Notes should be consecutively numbered and presented at the end of the article not at the foot of the page. Endnotes should contain more than a mere reference. Endnotes should be referred to in the text as superscripts ‘1, 2, 3, …’.
  • References in text: References should appear first in chronological then alphabetical order.
  • Two authors to be separated by ‘&’ symbol, e.g., as Rai & Sahu 2001
  • More than 2 authors: first author et al. (et al. in italics) e.g., Roy et al. 2004
  • Two publications of the same year for the same author(s), the reference in the text should be Sharma 1960a, b not 1960a, 1960b and the two publications should be dated accordingly in the references.
  • Multiple references to be separated by a semi colon and in chronological order (Zade 1995; Mathew 1996a, b, 1998; Sharma et al. 2004; Forman & Gordon 2005, 2007)
  • Page numbers essential when quoting or referring to some aspect or information from a report (Sharma 1960: 22 or Sharma et al. 1960: 22).
  • References that are long and/or have acronyms: Only acronym in text, e.g., INRA 2008
  • List personal communication references in text only. E.g. (Hariya pers. comm. 2011)
  • Unpublished / Undated references: In press, Forthcoming, In review, etc.

References in list:

  • References should appear first in alphabetical then chronological order.
  • For references with more than 7 authors: first 7 names, et al.
  • Journal name in full, italics; no full stop after journal name
  • Use complete page ranges. e.g., 371–379 (not 371–9); 227–235 (not 227–35).
  • Alphabetical order in reference list on the basis of last name of all authors (irrespective of initials or number of authors) e.g., a, aa, aaa, aab, ab, aba, abb, abc, ac, aca, acb, acc, etc.
  • Reference that are long and/or have acronyms: Full name followed by acronyms in parenthesis in reference list, e.g., Instituto Nacional de Reforma Agraria (INRA). 2008.
  • Unpublished / Undated references: In press, Forthcoming, In review, etc.


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*Adapted from the Conservation and Society style guide. Courtesy: Hetal Hariya.